301 Redirects

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301 Redirects

Hello World!

This is the best, the cleanest, simple and search-engine friendly way to redirect an URL to another URL.

Redirect a single page

As you see, first we write the keyword (Redirect), then the status code (301 Moved Permanently), oldpage (/black-page.html), and the destination path (http://www.russianroot.net/white-page.html or just /white-page.html).

Redirect an entire site

This way does it with links intact. This meens that old URL old.russianroot.net/some/great/link.html will become new.russianroot.net/some/great/link.html.
This is very helpful if you want to tranfere your website to a new domain.
You have just to place this code in the root of your old website:

List of all redirect status codes you can find in separate article (http://www.russianroot.net/2012/07/19/list-of-http-status-codes/#3xx_redirection)

I hope this article was useful for you! Feedbacks and comments are welcome!=)

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